Employment Law

We have extensive experience and depth in handling employment law matters, from partnership and closely held corporate break-ups to age, gender and other forms of discrimination to non-competition and severance and bonus agreements.

Bill is an acknowledged expert in employment law and has achieved significant results, primarily for plaintiffs, including work for senior executives, employees and employers.

Bill’s notable cases include:

$2.3 Million Judgment for Senior Sales Executive Regarding Stock Options

Plaintiff, a senior executive and early shareholder, was promised significant compensation for bringing about a series of corporate reorganizations, significantly increasing the value of the company and providing million dollar payouts to senior executives.  Plaintiff was not paid his payout, allegedly a ‘mistake’ – but the defendant, a national remediation company, then refused to pay, requiring a lawsuit.  After a two-week jury trial the plaintiff was awarded all his damages.

$200,000 Federal Court jury verdict for Senior Manager of publicly traded company – award for Wrongful Termination, Severance

$2.5M settlement for discharged COO of multinational enterprise
Bill applied US and international law to argue that his client, the Chief Operating Officer who found himself on the wrong end of a succession dispute, was wrongfully terminated. Per the contractual obligations and other promises made and company policy, the executive successfully enforced his claims for long-term severance, stock option bonuses and benefits. The matter settled before litigation was filed.

$725,000 settlement for client alleging Age Discrimination

Senior manager at major insurance company was terminated in alleged performance-related Reduction in Force (RIF). However the record provided strong evidence that the performance allegations were unsubstantiated and that senior management had specifically discriminated against plaintiff on the basis of age and that the RIF – directed primarily to older workers – was improper. The matter settled shortly before trial.

$400K settlement for Whistle Blower in Pharmaceutical Company

When an employee, who worked in a manufacturer’s clean room environment, first voiced safety and related concerns, the company undertook corrective steps and an extensive internal review. However, when the employee raised additional concerns, including complaints about harassment, and indicated that authorities could be notified, he was fired. The case settled on the eve of binding arbitration.

$250K jury award for Senior Executive in Contract dispute with Public Company

A physicist plaintiff who was instrumental in the formation of a new corporate division was denied a promised retention bonus payment when the division was sold. The company contended that his subsequent employment contract voided the earlier agreement which included the bonus. Careful review of the company records showed independent investment counsel supporting plaintiff’s contention. Plaintiff’s live testimony was also instrumental in conveying the facts to the jury.  After a two week trial, the jury returned a verdict for plaintiff, awarding him all of his damages.

$150,000 settlement of Whistleblower and Race, Gender claim

Plaintiff, an experienced pharmacist for a major hospital, was passed over for promotion (after decades of experience and expertise) to then report to a less qualified male senior manager.  Additionally, the plaintiff was forced to make internal claims of extreme lack of safety and compliance with protocols, which complaints were ignored and appeared to be the basis for plaintiff’s eventual wrongful termination.  The matter settled after a day of formal mediation.

$150,000 settlement of sexual harassment claim

Plaintiff was harassed, both sexually and physically, while working for a Private Country Club. As a single parent, she was unwilling – for over a year – to quit her job and seek judicial redress. Finally, the harassment was intolerable and she was constructively terminated and sought counsel. The case was settled during hearings at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

Bill also achieved successful settlements for:

  • Police officer discharged for alleged handicap that was the residual impairment of a stroke
  • Manager denied stock options because he was technically not employed full-time due to a leave of absence for a handicap accommodation
  • Manager at high-technology firm terminated in context of Gender Discrimination
  • Departing manager who disputed terms of non-competition and related agreements and the amount and terms of stock options