$8.9M settlement for client injured at a hazardous waste site

A pressurized vessel being used at a New Hampshire hazardous waste site to filter effluent exploded, resulting in severe brain injury to plaintiff in the prime of his life. Filing discovery actions in Massachusetts, Bill obtained admission that subcontractor controlled the filter process. With NH counsel, Bill resolved the case at mediation before trial. The proof supporting large settlement included the subcontractor’s admission of control, that the defendant’s own protocols advised against using vessel in the way it was operated and the quality of plaintiff’s life before and after the tragedy. The settlement was the 2d largest in the state’s history.

$2.3 Million Judgment for Senior Sales Executive Regarding Stock Options

Plaintiff, a senior executive and early shareholder, was promised significant compensation for bringing about a series of corporate reorganizations, significantly increasing the value of the company and providing million dollar payouts to senior executives.  Plaintiff was not paid his payout, allegedly a ‘mistake’ – but the defendant, a national remediation company, then refused to pay, requiring a lawsuit.  After a two-week jury trial the plaintiff was awarded all his damages.

$725,000 settlement for client alleging age discrimination

Senior manager at major insurance company was terminated in alleged performance-related Reduction in Force (RIF). However the record provided strong evidence that the performance allegations were unsubstantiated and that senior management had specifically discriminated against plaintiff on the basis of age and that the RIF – directed primarily to older workers – was improper. The matter settled shortly before trial.

$400K settlement for whistle blower

When an employee, who worked in a manufacturer’s clean room environment, first voiced safety and related concerns, the company undertook corrective steps and an extensive internal review. However, when the employee raised additional concerns, including complaints about harassment, and indicated that authorities could be notified, he was fired. The case settled on the eve of binding arbitration.

$2M potential personal liability avoided for defense clients – defense verdict

Plaintiffs were seeking to collect a $2 million judgment personally against Bill’s clients that had been awarded against a defunct closely held corporation. His clients were the sole officers, directors, and shareholders of the debtor corporation. The trial evidence centered upon potential asset transfers and expert valuation testimony. After a two-week jury trial and $0 verdict against defendants personally, the plaintiffs opted not to appeal. The plaintiffs were also unsuccessful against the individual defendants in the Bankruptcy Court.

250K jury award for senior executive in dispute with public company

A physicist who was instrumental in the formation of a new corporate division was denied a promised retention bonus payment when the division was sold. The company contended that his subsequent employment contract voided the earlier agreement which included the bonus. Careful review of the company records showed independent investment counsel supporting plaintiff’s contention. Plaintiff’s live testimony was also instrumental in conveying the facts to the jury. After a two week trial, the jury returned a verdict for plaintiff, awarding him all of his damages.

Successful settlement among partners of construction company

Bill represented one of the partners of a construction company who wanted to continue operating the business which his colleagues sought to leave. Initially the parties were unable to agree how to divide the assets and liabilities. As claims in the lawsuit were filed, the goodwill of the company was rapidly being eroded. Bill negotiated a settlement prior to trial which properly apportioned liabilities and enabled his client to keep the bulk of the business and rescue its goodwill.

$2.5M settlement for discharged COO of multinational enterprise

Bill applied US and international law to argue that his client, the Chief Operating Officer who found himself on the wrong end of a succession dispute, was wrongfully terminated. Per the contractual obligations and other promises made and company policy, the executive successfully enforced his claims for long-term severance, stock option bonuses and benefits. The matter settled before litigation was filed.

$150,000 settlement of sexual harassment claim
Plaintiff was harassed, both sexually and physically, while working for a private club. As a single parent, she was unwilling – for over a year – to quit her job and seek judicial redress. Finally, the harassment was intolerable and she was constructively terminated and sought counsel. case settled during hearings at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Bill also achieved successful settlements for:

  • Police officer discharged for alleged handicap that was the residual impairment of a stroke
  • Manager denied stock options because he was technically not employed full-time due to a leave of absence for a handicap accommodation
  • Manager at high-technology firm terminated in context of gender discrimination
  • Departing manager who disputed terms of non-competition and related agreements and the amount and terms of stock options

$500K settlement for a charity against organization’s splinter group

A splinter group of a non-profit 501(c)(3) Boston-based charity sought to claim valuable real estate and other property after the trustees disagreed on how to dispose of the assets. Representing the majority members and trustees, Bill secured a summary judgment in favor of his clients, against the splinter group which had affiliated with a competing national group. This led the way to a successful settlement shortly thereafter.
$300,000 settlement for beneficiary of estate/trust:
After a parent died, the siblings and other heirs and relatives were unable to agree to the proposed allocation of the estate and related trusts. The matter was mediated informally, including a targeted and detailed forensic accounting review and related strategic review. the parties settled prior to litigation. Bill’s clients obtained a favorable settlement.
$100,000 Superior court litigation settled for plaintiff beneficiaries:
The beneficiary heirs brought suit to recover the title to a condominium and fees paid to a trustee defendant. The trustee was accused of undue influence, unjust enrichment and misappropriation regarding estate of the infirm settlor. The matter settled during the jury trial in Superior Court

$100,000 Settlement for international investment bank client

A trust department trustee arranged for certain monies to be advanced by investment bank against illiquid, but valuable real property to assist in running the trust and to provide for infirm beneficiaries. Upon resignation of Trustee, and proposed disposition, contingent and distant heirs/beneficiaries sued to limit recovery of monies advanced by the Trustee investment bank. Though there were certain defenses possible, Bill was able to obtain a settlement of the full recovery for his client during the Probate and Family Court litigation.

$80,000 jury-waived verdict for dispossessed mother

Bill represented the plaintiff siblings who reluctantly were forced to sue another sibling for fraudulently transferring their mother’s home, insurance policies and monies. The claims included undue influence and forged checks, insurance policies and the deed. Bill obtained the grant of an ex parte order rescinding the home transfer, and a freezing of the accounts. The matter was tried to a judge and the judge awarded all the relief sought and also an award of $50,000 for intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Settlement of dispute over family trusts paves way for reconciliation

Siblings in a number of disputes regarding their infirm mother and her assets, were unable to agree on how to manage and allocate the proceeds from two other trusts. Though the family had been distributed substantial funds from still other trusts, the parties did not agree upon the accounting for the disputed trusts. Bill found a way to settle the case during probate litigation that enabled all parties to “save face,” and provided that the family could move beyond the dispute.